Offsite DIRECT CONNECT is new for 2019 and is a way of bringing exhibitors and visitors together for prearranged meetings using Meeting Mojo online technology.

Whether you’re a visitor or exhibitor, simply complete your online profile then add your company’s attendee details and the app (available online using your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet) allows other attendees to request meetings with you in our 5 designated Offsite DIRECT CONNECT zones around the show hall. The app automatically allocates you a meeting point, e.g. Offsite DIRECT CONNECT Zone 1 and shows a diary listing the times that you have time available. An email is then sent to the invitee asking them to confirm the meeting by clicking on a link – if they do this, the appointment is added to both parties app based show appointments calendar.

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Or to see a quick slide show tutorial of how to use the system, follow this link